August 27, 2020

WOA Breakfast Club 2020/2021

WOA Breakfast Club 2020/2021

WOA Breakfast Club will be provided free of charge on a strictly bookable basis (using the Google Form on the website, Facebook, or Twitter pages).

Booking must be completed by the Friday of the previous week (at the latest).

Students will be provided with squash, breakfast bars and fruit (if available).

Breakfast club will run between 8:00 – 8:30AM, and will be located in the following places:

Year Group Location
Year 7 S20
Year 8 S13
Year 10 North Block (outside internal exclusion)
Year 11 Harrison Block
Focus Provisions/Harrison Team Ambition Room
WOA6 WOA6 Base
Team Ambition Team Ambition Room
Safeguarding (invitation only) Humanities Hub


  • All students will come in through the Reception and names will be checked with the booking forms unless they are in the Focus Provision/Harrsion Breakfast Club and they will enter through the Harrison entrance.
  • Students must be there at 8AM and will be escorted to the correct area. Later arrivals will not be let in.
  • Students must sanitise on entry/exit to Breakfast Club.
  • Students must not leave their allocated Breakfast Club room.
  • All Breakfast Club rooms will be closed and cleaned between 8:30 – 9:00AM.

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