Warwick House

Head of House

Mrs Stephenson

Our Slogan

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

In Warwick house we believe that if you try your hardest today and work to the best of your ability, then it will stand you in good stead for whatever may come your way in the future. For all of the work you put in today, you will reap the rewards. We are also known as Warwick Wolves due to our house ethos being similar to that of the Wolf family.

Our Ethos

As a pack of wolves we show a fighting spirit with an extraordinary ability to succeed when working together in a pack. As a team of teachers and students we have similar characteristics to the wolf. We are loyal to our team and develop friendships and relations with others of all ages. We protect each other and are great communicators. Like any successful team or pack, we are highly organised. However the most vital characteristic of our house is that we are strong alone, but even stronger in our “pack”.

Warwick Wolves are overseen by Mr Smith who is our CEO. Warwick house is made up of several extremely hard working tutors and tutor groups including Mr Oldnall and Mr Singh/Miss Leone/Miss Brittle (Year 7) Miss Parker/Mrs Adoch (Year 8) Miss Pailin/Mrs Stephenson (Year 9) Miss Aslam (Year 10) and Mr Law/Mr Phillips (Year 11).

In addition, the team is made complete by the superb contribution of House Captains Jessica Mansell and Daliyah McKay-Francis.