Kenilworth House

Head of House

Miss Newman

Our Slogan


Our Ethos

In Kenilworth we aim to provide all students with a sense of belonging within the school community. We make every effort to help build our students into respectful, mature young citizens who support both their local and wider community. Within Kenilworth we have begun doing this by supporting numerous charities which mean a lot to our students such as the SmileforJoel foundation, in which Kenilworth students won first place for the most amount of money raised. In Kenilworth we work as a team and aspire to be the best. This was proven last year as we won the house cup! We try to instil a sense of achievement both inside and out of the classroom through organising fun and exciting competitions, and rewarding our students for trying so hard. We are proud of all students in Kenilworth who show pride, courage and dedication to their studies and school life.