Dudley House

Head of House

Miss Akhtar

Our Slogan

“Be the best you can be.”

This does not always mean you always have to win but it does mean that you always have to try your best. Sports Day 2018 was a testament to this in which we applied ourselves to all sports and ended with winning the Sports Day Trophy.

Our Ethos

Our mascot is Icarus the ring tailed Lemur that we have adopted from Dudley zoo. He is our mascot to show us that its not all about physical strength to win, we are naturally curious, outgoing and intelligent. Not only do we excel in the sporting area we excel academically and emotionally too.

Heads of Dudley are Miss Millward and Miss Asquith who work closely with their team of staff to ensure that we are the best we can be. Our staff include Mrs Irfan, Mr Welch, Mrs Overton, Mrs Southall, Mrs Dempsey, Mr Shaw, Mrs Davis, Mr Price, Mr Riley and Ms Birley amongst an array of other staff fans. We plan never to give up and to never back down.

Roses are red, Dudley is blue, you better watch out, we’re coming for you!