Safety and well-being

Safety & Well-being

We have several fully trained first aid staff who deal with accidents should they occur. There is also a named governor responsible for health and safety. We provide information, advice and guidance to our students through assemblies, form tutor time, displays and clear instructional signs around the academy.

Healthy eating, physical exercise and safety are taught as part of our curriculum offer to all students. These areas of life skill development are also brought to life by the many educational visits we undertake and professionals we invite into school e.g. police officers who work with students on road safety, safeguarding and drugs awareness.

We are very concerned about the number of students who are bringing high energy drinks, such as LSV, Boost or Lucozade into the academy, in view of the adverse effects that these can have on children and young people. Common ingredients used in energy drinks include high levels of caffeine together with other ingredients that have been associated with adverse effects if consumed in large doses, e.g. nervousness and anxiety, stomach upsets, seizures, rapid heartbeat and altered blood pressure. The effect that these drinks can have on children’s behaviour for learning if they are drinking them during the academy day can also be significant.