Home School Partner Contract

Home School Partner Contract

As a student of Wodensborough Ormiston Academy, I pledge to…

  • Be in the academy by 8.40am and attend all lessons punctually.
  • Bring the correct equipment to all lessons.
  • Follow the Academy Code of Conduct and the behaviour4learning policy.
  • Follow all staff instructions immediately.
  • Begin work quickly and try hard to finish the set task.
  • Treat others politely and respect their work.
  • Take responsibility for keeping the academy and classrooms clean and tidy.
  • Use ICT, particularly the internet, appropriately having due regard for your own safety and well-being and that of others.

As a member of staff at Wodensborough Ormiston Academy, I pledge to…

  • Treat students fairly and with respect.
  • Provide challenging and relevant classwork and homework.
  • Use rewards and consequences clearly and consistently.
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour wherever it occurs.
  • Seek opportunities to have restorative conversations to improve behaviour.
  • Mark work regularly and promptly.
  • Set a good example.
  • Foster good relationships with parents or carers and keep them informed of matters relating to their child.

As a parent of a child at Wodensborough Ormiston Academy, I pledge to…

  • Encourage high standards of attendance and punctuality.
  • Support the Academy’s expectations on uniform and equipment.
  • Encourage good behaviour and support the Academy in the standards it seeks to achieve.
  • Encourage and support the completion of homework tasks.
  • Follow the correct procedures for contacting the academy, especially with regard to attendance at the earliest opportunity.
  • Keep the Academy informed of any matters which may affect my child’s progress, attitude or behaviour.
  • Support Parent’s meetings, Evenings and events to encourage participation in the life of the academy including checking the handbook.
  • To monitor the appropriateness of my child’s use of ICT and the internet.
  • Communicate through school reception if you need to contact your child, I will not contact them directly between 8.40am and 3.10pm by mobile phone or text.