We offer a full national curriculum at Key Stage 3 and 4 to our students, which includes a full range of vocational and academic courses.

Students are given individual targets that are informed by their expected level of progress from Fischer Family Trust Estimates and school data.

This academic year, we are preparing students in both Years 8 and 9 to make certain choices concerning future studies.  They are guided and supported in this process by a whole host of people – their form tutor, their Head of Year, Heads of Curriculum areas and, of course, our linked careers advisory staff.  All Year 8 students and their parents will be invited to attend parents evening where they will receive information regarding the options process and current progress data to help guide them with their option choice.

We consider it crucially important that our students maintain as balanced a curriculum as possible, which will lead to success at Key Stage Four, but will also lay the future  for further study, be it “A” level, level 3 courses or apprenticeships.

As important as academic achievement is the development of the personal and social skills needed for living in a modern technological society is equally important and we hope that by careful choice and sound advice our students will achieve both.

If you wish to discuss the curriculum further, please contact Mr Wagstaff, Vice Principal via