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April 22, 2020

Reporting Concerns (including online content or activities)

Reporting Concerns (including online content or activities)

It is essential to have and communicate clear reporting routes so that children, teachers, parents and carers can raise any safeguarding concerns. As staff, we use a digital system of reporting concerns called CPOMS which we can all access from home. This means that we can continue to work like we would do in normal circumstances.

Students know about the SHARP system for reporting safeguarding concerns. There is a button on the front page of the website that takes you to an online form. This then goes to a senior leader in the Academy. We would encourage parents to use this too, if they have any safeguarding concerns about a student in the Academy. Additionally, there are the following numbers:

Senior leader’s email addresses and those with work mobile phone have them on our website too.

Harmful or upsetting content 
  • reporting harmful online content to the  UK Safer Internet Centre 
  • getting government advice and trusted resources from  Educate Against Hate  on safeguarding from radicalisation, building resilience to extremism, and promoting shared values 
Bullying or abuse online 

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